Life stories in the shadow of Tibet

In Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama’s exile residence, Myra de Rooy meets a group of ex-political prisoners, people who stood up against the Chinese occupation of their country. Their life stories are deeply moving. Take Reting Tenpa Tsering, who personally experienced living in Tibet before the Chinese invasion. This trader, who married three sisters, withdrew into the mountains to become a freedom fighter. He spent more than twenty years in various prisons and labour camps. The thirteen year old Gyaltsen Palsang shouted slogans in support of a ‘Free Tibet’. The young nun managed to survive her imprisonment by thinking of the Dalai Lama. The imprisoned poet Namloyak wrote verse on smuggled-in cigarette packets. Sonam Choedron, mother and activist, walked through Lhasa at night to paste up posters calling for Tibetan independence. These people show courage and resilience and their testimonials shine a light on the recent history of Tibet, in the shadow of Chinese rule. The main protagonists of this book cannot return to their country. Myra de Rooy visits their homes and talks to their families in Tibet. Her visits to Lhasa and her journeys to small villages, nomad tents, monasteries and nunneries bring the stories of these refugees to life. Windhorse House is a fascinating personal journey which gives the reader an intimate understanding of intertwined lives and fates in contemporary Tibet. In her exploration of the darkness of Chinese rule, de Rooy also reveals the unquenchable spirit of the Tibetan people and their wisdom culture.

Windhorse House is the extended English translation of Het Windpaardhuis

Eindhoven april 2021
ISBN: 9789462264052

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